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Where you go depends on whom you’re with. The quality of a mutual fund investment is a combination of the investments that make up the fund, and the financial strength and expertise that supports it. Sagicor has an exceptional range of mutual fund investment products that are backed by the expertise and resources of the Caribbean’s leading indigenous financial services group. Whatever your financial goals, we can provide a solution that’s right for you.

The objective of a fund helps to determine the category into which a fund will be assigned. Here are some of the major investment objectives of mutual funds:

Balanced – achieved by investing in bonds and stocks

Growth – achieved by investing in other growth funds or stocks

Income – achieved by investing in bonds

And the various investment solutions include:

Sagicor Global Balanced Fund – a fund that invests in a diverse mix of international stocks and bonds to achieve income and long-term capital appreciation. But what makes this fund a good investment is its balance of performance and risk.

Or you can try one of our two new funds:

Sagicor Select Growth Fund – a ‘fund of funds’ mutual fund, which allows you to have the benefits of investing in a range of mutual funds instead of a single mutual fund. The growth mutual fund is suitable for investors who are seeking long-term growth but are concerned about moderating the risk associated with being invested in stocks at all times. They are also seeking to diversify their portfolio and are willing to accept a higher degree of short-term risks and a moderate degree of price fluctuation.

Sagicor Preferred Income Fund – mix of regional and international fixed income securities and preferred shares. The diversity of the holdings make it safer and the regional and global opportunities give it the potential for higher returns. Sagicor Preferred Income Fund is suited to investors who are seeking a total return by investing for a high level of current income. It’s also geared to those who are seeking to invest for the medium to long term, and want to diversify their portfolio.