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About Sagicor Funds Inc

Sagicor Funds Incorporated (“the Company”) is an open-end public company incorporated in Barbados within the meaning of Section 32 of the Companies Act that carries on only the business of investing the subscription money it receives for the shares it issues and all of whose shares, except the common shares, are redeemable upon the demand of its shareholders. It is important to recognise however that the redemption price will fluctuate based upon the net asset value of the Fund and that the redemption price may be more or less than the price at which the shares were purchased.

The Company commenced business on June 2, 1997, under the name of The Mutual Funds Incorporated with a nominal capital issue of 100 Common Shares of no par value, at a subscription price of $1.00 each, to The Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society (now Sagicor Life Inc.). Subsequent to the date thereof the Company has issued an additional 999,900 common shares to Sagicor Life Inc. for a consideration of BDS $999,900. The Common Shares have broad voting rights in relation to the appointment and removal of the Directors, and control and management of the company.

The Company’s Articles of Incorporation provide for the issue of an unlimited number of redeemable shares of no par value in series. Sagicor Preferred Income Fund consists of one class of shares issued in 2 series respectively designated as “Series B Shares” and “Series BU Shares” which are collectively known as “Preferred Income Fund Shares”.

The other funds in the family are Sagicor Global Balanced Fund (formerly known as Mutual Global Balanced Fund) which also consists of a class of shares issued in 2 series namely “Series A Shares” and “Series AU Shares” collectively known as “Global Balanced Fund Shares” and Sagicor Select Growth Fund which consist of a further class of shares also issued in 2 series namely “Series C Shares” and “Series CU Shares” collectively known as “Select Growth Fund Shares”.

All monies subscribed by investors for the purchase of respective fund shares in accordance with the applicable Prospectus will, subject to the terms thereof, be invested for the benefit solely of the holder of such respective Shares.

The Common Shareholders of the Company shall not be entitled to participate or share in the distribution of any property belonging to any of the funds maintained by the Company.